Air transport to many places 

The Malaga international airport is a quintessentially  modern airport which is one of the busiest in Spain, and receives over 16 million passengers every year. It is the entry point to the province of Malaga and is not far from the Malaga City Centre

You can get to the Malaga City Centre by taxi, bus or train. A better option would be to contact us at and rent a car from the Malaga Airport. This way, you would be fully in charge of your travel plans. 

Buses in Costa del Sol 

The Malaga bus station is one of the busiest in Spain. There are over 20 bus companies that operate here. The Costa del Sol buses take you to any destination you want to go to within the region. They operate on a very strict schedule and take pride in their punctuality.  

You could save a lot of money by travelling around the region in Costa del Sol buses, but not as much as renting a car instead. Also, you wouldn’t be in control of your schedule. 

The Taxi on Costa del Sol

You could always look for a taxi Costa del Sol service at the Malaga Airport. Any taxi Malaga wouldn’t seek out customers on the streets – you can instead find them waiting at the taxi Malaga airport ranks. Generally, taxis in Malaga don’t cost much, but you could certainly save more money by booking a car rental. 

Car Rental Malaga can save you money 

Yes, nothing would save you more money than booking a car rental Malaga with, in advance of your trip to Spain. 

Here’s how it works – you book online or by phone, following which you will have someone from B Met CarHire waiting for you at the Terminal-3 of the Malaga Airport.

They greet you, lead you to the car, hand over the keys and send you along onto your destination.  This way you will have the full freedom of movement and will be in control of your own schedule. Fuel is really cheap in Spain, so your costs will be very much in control.

The Railroad: the Subway Station and Trains 

There is a subway station at Malaga, where you can take a train to any destination of your choice within the region of Costa del Sol. The trains in Costa del Sol are very cheap and are an affordable option to get around the region. 

Finally, if you are keen on buying Malaga real estate, or have a property for sale in Spain, do get in touch with us as we will put you through to the right real estate agency in Malaga or Marbella.