Massage in Marbella Costa del Sol


For a healing and stress relieving traditional thai massage Marbella please visit our recommended (AND ABSOLUTE FAVORITE) thai massage on the Costa del Sol.


The pricing at GOLDEN THAI MARBELLA is sensitive and the most cosy and at the same time the most competitive massage salon we have come accross on the coast - they are definitely worth a visit.

...please note that it is advisable to book in advance.

For further information please contact GOLDEN THAI and ask for offers or discount vouchers without any obligation to book an appointment.

You can choose between the following types of thai massage:

In a traditional thai massage as it is applied in Thailand the receiver may remain fully dressed. Loose clothing is a must since part of the session consists in streching and bending exercises. There is NO use of oil during a traditional thai massage session.

Oil thai massage is applied with the use of oil and for that reason the pressure applied is not as profound as in the traditional massage. 


Also group discounts available.


How to book an appointment at GOLDEN THAI


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Booking by phone: +34 657 82 32 73

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