Welcome to this Malaga City Guide, your place for the most up-to-date Malaga information. Malaga City is one of the oldest cities in Europe, and has a glorious history that dates back to 2,800 years. The city has been an outpost for many civilizations, such as the Greek, Phoenician, and the Roman civilizations. 

So many people have made their home here in Malaga through the centuries, attracted by the Guadalmedina and Guadalhorce rivers that provide water for the fields and the surrounding mountains that prevent the cold winds from the North from rushing though, thus allowing for a mild climate. 

Malaga is very strategically located, not far from the coast of Northern Africa. It is also Pablo Picasso’s birthplace – the Pablo Picasso Museum is one of the must-see places her in Malaga.

The Malaga Old Town is a historical marvel, with many wonderful attractions such as the Alcazaba Arabic Castle and the Gibralfaro Castle. It has a busy, bustling flea market, which is certainly worth a visit.

The Malaga Down Town is a shopaholic’s delight. It is packed with fashionable stores, boutiques, coffee houses, bars and restaurants. You could spend hours and hours here without getting bored. The place thrives with culture and tradition and yet is unmistakably modern.

There are a number of lovely beaches within a short distance from Malaga City, where you could relax and have a great time. If you are a big golf fan and cannot do without your weekend game of golf, you will love the golf courses in Malaga, which are very much up to international standards. 

Also worth visiting is the nearby village of Torremolinos, which is very popular with tourists, as it represents the best of Spain, with vintage tapas bars, restaurants, shops, theatre and flamenco. You will love the golf courses here, which are positively world class.  

The best way to get around Malaga City is by renting a car. Contact us at to book a car in advance of your trip to Malaga.