Malaga has a rich and diverse culture which is a product of its 2,800 year long history. Malaga plays host to a number of cultural events every year, such as the Feria de Malaga. 

The Feria de Malaga is one of the most colourful cultural extravaganzas of Malaga. It is a carnival of women, during which the women of Malaga take over the city. 

The Feria de Malaga was first held to celebrate August 19, 1487, which was when the Queen of Spain, Isabella and King Ferdinand brought Catholicism to Malaga by defeating the Moors who ruled the place till then. 

During the Feria de Malaga, the women dress up in polyester polka-dot costumes and decorate their hair with plastic jasmine flowers. They hold fans in hand, twirl their skirts and break into an enthusiastic performance of flamenco Malaga.

The women of Malaga present a delightful sight during the Feria de Malaga, which has been held every year for centuries. This popular cultural event is a fun time for everyone, but as a tourist, you should keep in mind that most of the shops in Malaga are closed for the day during the event. So make sure to get what you need beforehand, before participating in this delightful celebration.

The whole of Malaga City is in a particularly good mood during the Feria de Malaga and the party goes on for days with many locals breaking out into their own version of flamenco Malaga. Don’t just stand around, join them in the dance.

Other popular cultural events in Malaga include bullfighting at the historic Malaga Bullfighting Ring, which has been around since 1874. This bullfighting ring can hold 15,000 people and all bullfighting contests are major events. The ring is generally packed to capacity during most competitions, with everyone cheering on their favourite Matador.