Are you visiting Malaga anytime soon? You should book a car rental it is the most convenient way to get around Malaga. There are many things to consider when booking a car rental in Malaga: 

#1: Does the car rental company want you to buy extra insurance that you don’t really need? 

When you book a rental car and pay for it online using a credit card, you will be provided with a secondary collision coverage. When you book with BMetCarHire,  a full insurance coverage that is included in the quote. 

However, if you have your own auto insurance policy which covers damage caused by collisions, and any personal liability on the use of rental cars, you may not need this extra coverage. We provide you with an option to decline the coverage, which you can avail of. 

#2: Should you prepay for the gas? 

You should opt for a compay offering CAR RENTAL WITH NO FUEL CHARGES .

You could prepay for a full tank of gas when renting a car, but that would mean you will be charged for the full tank when you return the tank even half full. With BMetCarHire, we provide you with a car with full fuel or half full fuel, depending on how you want it, with the expectation that you will return the tank with the same amount of fuel when you get back from your journey in Malaga

#3: How much time should you spend inspecting the car?

As much time as you need. Don’t rush the inspection and make sure the car you are getting is in the right condition. The last thing you want is to be charged later for damages that you weren’t really responsible for.

If you notice any scratches or dents on the car body, or any stains on the interior, be sure to tell the car rental operator about it. At BMetCarHire they great pride in how well the cars are maintained. But even if you were to notice the slightest defect in them, do let us know about it.

#4: What if you return the car late?

As far as possible, you should return the car on time.  You might be given a 30-minute grace period, but if you go beyond that time window you could be charged an additional day’s fee for the car. So make sure to return the car well within the scheduled time. 

BMET CarHire is a reliable car rental operator in Malaga that charges no excess and offers a “Meet and Greet” car hire service with no deposit.

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