Costa del Sol is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. Part of the Andalucia province, it stretches for almost 100 miles on the Mediterranean coastline of Southern Spain. 

The landscape here is quite stunning – ranging from the world famous Rock of Gibraltar from which you can get a view of the coast of Northern Africa to the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Malaga City is the capital of Costa del Sol and is the entry point to the region. The Malaga Airport receives over 16 million tourists every year, eager to visit Costa del Sol.  


There is much joy to be had in Costa del Sol. There are the beautiful Andalucian villages that dot the motorway. Most of the homes in these villages are painted white, so they present a unique sight. 

Also interesting is the harbour of Puerto Banus, which has been transformed into a shopping enclave. Marbella, which is frequented by some of the biggest celebrities in the world, is worth a visit. 

Seville is the biggest city in Costa del Sol and has any attractions of its own – but it’s inland, and does not have beaches. Granada and Cordoba are beautiful cities, not far from Malaga, and offer a relaxed, laid back lifestyle. 

Malaga City is the most popular destination here in Costa del Sol. There is a lot you could do here such as shopping or people watching in the Benalmadena or Puerto Banus. The new Pompidou Centre is definitely worth visiting at least once. 


The Malaga Airport is the best way to get to Costa del Sol. It is one of the busiest airports in Spain with cheap flights connecting to it from over 30 countries around the world, and 118 airports.

The Malaga Airport has seen a number of new developments such as the Terminal 3, which has made things a lot easier for passengers. The addition of a second runway has reduced some of the pressure on the airport’s resources. 

The public transportation at the Malaga Airport is very good. There are buses, trains and taxis to take passengers to where they would like to go. You could rent a car as well and be on your way. So hurry up and look for the best cheap flights Malaga! 

Malaga Climate

The Malaga climate is as good as you will get in Spain. The temperatures here stay steady at 18.5 C, which is neither too hot nor too cold – In fact, the Malaga weather is just perfect. 

You will get over 320 days of sunshine here, which is why the name – Costa del Sol – The Coast of the Sun. That’s why there are so many Scandinavians, Britons and people from northern Europe who like spending their winters here, just to get away from the bitter cold in their countries.

Marbella and Torrox Costa are two places in the Costa del Sol that are very unique as they have their own micro-climate, surrounded as they are by mountains, which protect them from the cold winds from the north. 

So, the winters and mild and the summers not too hot – isn’t that great? There are a plenty of weather apps where you can get weather forecast Malaga, be sure to download them before your trip to Spain. 

Friendliness of Malagueños

The Malagueños are the natives of Malaga – they are the friendliest people you will ever meet. They are very helpful and ever willing to assist any Malaga tourist who is lost or in distress. 

The Malagueños are a diverse bunch, and they carry traces of several civilizations as this part of Spain has been inhabited at various times by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, Vandals and Moors. 

The folks here are a tolerant bunch. They don’t differentiate amongst people on the basis of colour, race or religion. All nationalities and religions are welcomed in Malaga. There are many Moslem mosques, Protestant churches, Jewish synagogues and Buddhist shrines in this region that live in perfect communal amity, and there is no rancour or ill will of any sort between the people belonging to different faiths here. 

A word on the Andalucian food – the Malagueños love their food and created a culture around it. There is always a party on somewhere in Malaga, where food and drinks are served freely. The Malagueños love having people around and you will certainly be invited to a fair number of parties during your visit to Malaga. 

Finally, everyone speaks English here, just as well as they speak Spanish. So that’s not something you should worry about. There is a very strong British expat community in Costa del Sol, who are proud of where they come from and yet, completely in love with Spain. 

Good Roads

The toll road A7 runs along the coast of Malaga. The motorways around here are really good and they connect Malaga to the other parts of Costa del Sol. New ring roads have been built in recent years to handle all the excess traffic. 

Getting around on Costa del Sol.

There are a number of means of transport on the Costa del Sol but the by far easiest way to get around is booking car rental malaga airport. Please note that conditions and rates can vary a lot so it is important to book with a reputable company that operate wil all inclusive car hire and with no hidden costs to be paid when you arrive in Malaga.